6 Time Management Tips for Bloggers


Beim Corporate Blogging Blog fand ich eben einen guten Link zu einem Artikel bei About.com zum Thema Management Tipps für Blogger. Keine wirklich ganz neuen Erkenntnisse, dennoch möchte ich diese dem geneigten Leser nicht vorenthalten.

Blog in Small Chunks.
Often, big ideas can stop you from blogging. After all, big ideas take time to organize and to clarify. So, instead of blogging about your big ideas in one go, just try to blog one simple point at a time

Blog the Way You Talk.
When you try to sound clever, intelligent or funny in your blog and it’s not really your style, then blogging will feel like a chore. So, forget what you think blogging should be like and just do things your way.

Get an Aggregator.
Blog hopping (going from blog to the next) can be very time consuming. Although this may be a great way to pass some idle moments, when you’re reading blogs for a purpose (e.g., looking for material to blog about), then it’s not the most efficient way to find content.

Schedule Your Blogging.
Whenever you „run out of time“ for something, it’s usually because you did not prioritize that activity in your schedule. That’s why if you wish to find the right time to blog, it’s best to schedule it. For example, if you told yourself that you wish to blog at least 1-2 times a week, then you might want to give yourself specific days and/or times for a 20-30 minute blogging session.

Take Note of Your Blog Ideas.
Let’s face it. Finding ideas to blog about isn’t always easy. That’s why when you do have ideas that you wish to explore in your blog, make sure that you list them down. This way, you will always have a place to check when you have no idea what to blog about.

Use Blog Tools for More Effective Blogging.
Desktop clients, blogmarks, and mobile blogging tools are just some of the additional blogging tools that you can use to help you save time when you blog.

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