Instagram, Faux Nostalgia und die Daten


Think about what these filters are doing: they’re taking the already horribly limited amount of visual data contained in a cellphone snapshot and destroying it. If you take a photo with a filter, your original photo — the one with all the data you originally captured — is lost. Instead, what is sent to your friends and saved to your photo library is a copy of the photo where a layer of junk has been applied. Colours are washed out, contrast destroyed, borders are cropped, blurs and scratches applied. The meaningful, unique information in those pixels is gone forever, replaced with cloned copies of the bits in the filter file. You are fucking up your photo.

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    • So consider wisely if using Instagram (or Hipstamatic etc) makes sense, since you loose a lot of the original data for effects, that might not be worth it.

  • As I can see down left you\’re using Instagram. Tip: use the normal camera app to shoot, then open Instagram and select a photo from your library. This way you have both pictures: the original and the edited.

    • Ja, das ist sicherlich ein sinnvoller Prozess – und löst das Problem eigentlich sehr gut. Praktischer wäre es, wenn die App das automatisch machen könnte…

  • Just think about all the information that is lost in pictures because they were not even taken! People without smartphones, who don\’t take a picture of so much information. Or they\’re shooting with the wrong lens, the wrong aperture settings or just the wrong viewing angle. No, really, who considers images taken with instagram to be archived for documentation purposes? Washed out colors for one – emphasised other details/colors in the picture for others. Will I watch at my instagram pictures in 5 years? 1 year? 1 month? Hell no, it is a twitter for pictures for me. Complaining about lost information by „crippling“ photos sounds like complaining about crippling notes down to 140 characters by using twitter to me. Can\’t see the appeal of those instagram filters for your own photos? Just don\’t use them. Problem solved. If you really see this as a problem expressed in „Whenever people use instagram filters, they don\’t have a chance to archive the original picture.“ just follow @dworni\’s hint, as I do btw. Or did I just get your message completely wrong?

    • Verstehe mich nicht falsch. Offensichtlich mag ich Instagram durchaus auch. Wenngleich man natürlich der Effekte schnell etwas überdrüssig werden kann. Bei Hipstamatic ist allerdings die Default Einstellung ein sehr stark heruntergerechnetes Bild. Und das sollte man zumindest ändern. Stell Dir vor, du machst den „once in a lifetime shot“ und alles was Dir bleibt ist eine Briefmarke…

      • Beim „once in a lifetime shot“ würde ich mich eh ärgern, wenn ich nur das iPhone dabeihätte und dann auch noch Hipstamatic geöffnet hätte. :)

von Oliver Wagner


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